How do you provide your child with the purest start to life?

This was Tina Søgaard’s point of departure when she founded Lille Kanin. Prior to this, Tina had met with Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, a Danish actress, TV-host, and a new mother. Christiane mentioned to Tina that she thought it was difficult to find pure, certified skincare products for her child.

At the time, Tina had many years’ experience creating skincare for young people and adults – since she had been working in the field of skincare for decades and is the woman behind the Danish skincare brand Ecooking – and after meeting with Christiane, Tina came up with the idea for designing products, with multiple certifications, for babies and children.

When Tina began developing products for Lille Kanin, she decided to only use natural and organic ingredients, which are safe to use for children, for parents and for the environment.

At present, Lille Kanin consists of eight family members: SOS Balm, Lotion, Bath & Shampoo, Fat Cream, Bath & Baby Oil, Diaper-Changing Cream, Marlon and Mio. The six mild products are made to nourish and pamper baby and children’s skin but can be used by the whole family; and you can purchase the products at affordable prices. Marlon and Mio sensory toys are our newest members and made from 100% Hevea wood.

Over time, new products will join the family, created to follow your child’s development, so Lille Kanin can take care of your child’s skin through its entire upbringing.

It’s simply love in a bottle!

Tina Søgaard
Co-founder and developer

Dermatalogically tested and certified

The entire Lille Kanin family is dermatologically tested and wears the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified label, Asthma Allergy Nordic label, Ecocert COSMOS Natural label, and the Vegan Trademark – so you can feel completely secure applying Lille Kanin to your child’s skin.

Our packaging

Our packaging is produced in recyclable materials.

We’ve selected materials that don’t contain anything that can affect the products, but which are still able to protect the products properly.

Our labels are made from sugarcane waste.
We are continuously working on making our packaging even more sustainable so we can protect the environment and each other.